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Catalogue Raisonné, Biography, The Turkish Publication and the Prospect of Constatinople.

Erik Fischer: Melchior Lorck

Melchior Lorck (circa 1526/27-after 1583) has been called one of the sixteenth century’s most original artists. As far as both his choice of motives and his stylistic approach are concerned, he is generally regarded to be a solitary figure. Until the present time, however, neither Lorck nor his work have been the subject of a monographic treatment that is commensurate with the artist’s international importance.

Now, a monumental five-volume set has recently appeared, a set of books that describes Melchior Lorck’s life and presents the full gamut of his extensive and many-sided artistic output. The books have been authored by the former Keeper of The Department of Prints and Drawings at the Statens Museum for Kunst in Copenhagen, Dr. Erik Fischer, whose research and scholarship is reinforced by the contributions of three art historians, Mikael Bøgh Rasmussen and Ernst Jonas Bencard, with Marco Iuliano.

The Lorck-book is on the 2009 Times Literary Supplement list of Books of the Year. See Marina Warner’s appraisal.

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